July 18, 2005


DEAR NY/NJ/BROOKLYN: Tonight. Monday the 18th. Al Burian and I are bringing the heat with our sweet-azz reading tour to Bluestockings. 7pm. free. 172 Allen. in the city.

Word up from Philly. Word up from Cathair Mountain. Word up from hulla allergies and so much snot I could write you this blog post in the sky with it. Word up from the home of Al's little brother (aka "the responsible one"). Word up to the fact that it looks like "Minsk Steakhouse 1972". Word up to matching blood red carpet and internal-organ-red velvet wallpaper, floor to ceiling gold etched mirrors and gold wrought iron ballistrade being the decor of an ambulance driving punk whose pets are all named for obscure anarchists.

Tonight was awesome, but the store was so packed that people could not even get in the door and were turned away like it was the Jerusalem Inn. The audience was sweet and dutiful and squooshed and scooted their chairs into a sardines type formation. The best part and worst part of tour tonight, became evident - as they are the same thing: reading with Al. He is such a engrossing and enwombing storyteller, and his work is made to be read outloud. The best part of the tour is that I get to go before him, not follow him up tied with that i get to see him read every night and he's really funny. The worst part is that when he reads I am like "ugh, god, i should of brought a different thing to read tonight and I need to slow down when I read and I need to (insert kicking of myself here)". It's like being on tour with like, Sonic Youth or something - you know, everynight, when they are doing "Cotton Crown" and yr like "oh man, this is awesome," which is followed quickly by "I wish I could write a song like this" but finding some solace in the fact that you get to swipe baby carrot sticks from their deli tray while they encore. After the reading, I got to eat a meal with a cabal of sassy writer ladies and feminists in motion. Did I mention: Best. Tour. Ever.

Thankszillion to Q and Emma and Andy for the walnut-waffles and hospitality in Pittsburgh. They are the sort of people who should be employed by the PA tourism board to reverse the Pburghian exodus to Chicago. Al and I found a castle we want to buy in town, it's at 5100 Fifth Ave. If anyone wants to move to PA and live in a castle with us, holler. Castles are the new yurts.

Also: in other news - I got word today - I am playing drums on the Nedelle tour, when she heads out with Xiu Xiu next month. Also exciting, and not to floss and make Matos jealous, but because I almost hyperventilated -- I got asked to provide uh, expert commentary for an NPR pc about The Hold Steady. Which I get to go into the DC NPR studio and tape the thing. I'm a fucking nerd and my boner for NPR is eternal and my dad is going to cry with joy when I tell him.

PS. NYC. Tomorrow. Be there.

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