July 17, 2005


Hi, if you are in Philly, and are coming out the the reading - or in NY - do you wanna boot me a copy of Photoshop for Mac with access code para mi, so that I can resize and share the pictures of our first night of tour which - in short - went like this:

Cleveland, 1-2am, a giant trampoline, my camera, the cops.

Best. Tour. Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Pittsburgh is punk-bizerk. Our reading went great, 40-some people showed, they laughed at our jokes, bought zines. Though threats had been leveled in the local mssgbrd, the local scenester that was promising to disrupt the reading to confront me on how my doing pr does not positively impact ' the scene ' did not show, but rather, played "ding dong ditch" (aka "ring and run")- ringing the gallery door bell multiple times during the reading, and had been reportedly ripping down fliers for the show. This is funny to me, and I applaud dude's Michael-Moore-does-crack-dementia style efforts.

Met three different girls who had been following my work since Riot Girl stories, when they were in jr. high. Then I met 19 other girls who asked me if Al is really how he seems in his zine and detailed their crushes. Despite being on tour for only 1.5 days, we are being greeted with unsane/molicious homecooked meals at every turn. Our Pburgh hosts just asked if we are "ok with" them making us waffles for brunch in the morning. Did I mention that our tour is actually of heaven?

Philly. See you tomorrow.

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