July 12, 2005


You can pre-order #18 of Hit it or Quit it direct from Insound, right effing now. Get up in that shopping cart, press that "buy now" button a couple times and revel in the fact that the 4.95$ you just spent is going to one day fund a lobotomy for yours truly.

And And here is the Miranda July cover as a PDF!
And And here is the Hold Steady cover as a PDF!

I look cannot stop looking at them over and over and going "neat. wow. color." -- it's like watching God shit a rainbow (or something).

Secondly: I love Sean Agnew. I do not care what happened at the r5 show he did for you in 1997. Dude wrote this for his site, promoting our Philly show -- "Jessica Hopper & Al Burian
Aka "tinyluckygenius aka the Unicorn's tear" Jessica is known for her famed monthly columns in Punk Planet and world renown best zine ever - "Hit It Or Quit It". She has also hosted a long running awesome fake Friendster profile. Al Burian is the frontman for the punk bands Milemarker and Challenger and as well as the author of the famed "Burn Collector" zines. He is best remembered for when he called Scott Beiben out at his film fest. Together they will be hosting a reading of their best material at Molly's Bookstore situated right in the heart of the Italian market. They will be reading "old favorites" and some new work. They will be selling zines, books and comic-books. Julianne Shepherd is opening some of the North East dates with a piece that includes some uprocking. These are two of the smartest "punks" around - come check out the laughter, the joy & the tears. Also for all you whiny pussyfish - now is your time to step up and say something to Hopper's face ! At Molly's Bookstore 1010 South 9th Street (9th and Christian/Catherine-ish) "

Dude. If you are my pal, please come out and maybe bring a cue ball in a sock, in case any of those pussyfish do step - we can take it outside.

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