July 09, 2005


Lady Sov, she will be a starrr, first for her talent, but more so because she knows how to be watched. She is a little bit of a goof, and her petiteness and her prominent eye teef in combo with the high side-pony, she's makes me think of Sporty Spice, sans the tear away track pants... Except Sov, she fronts this butchness, but it is not hers. It's typical of women who come up in male dominated fields and streams, being one of the dudes, because femininity is going to set you apart and when you are trying to compete, the best thing to do is assimilate. Except Sov cannot assimilate, because she is the best, so instead her raps are catty - setting her self as "other" in the girl-field, still posited against. She played a new song and she kept dropping "bitch" as the loaded punchline. Then another song was about wanting to beat some girl in the club up. And as much as I do not advocate girl-war, and abide by the "do not insult or negate other girls in front of men, in conversation or your art" riot girl rule, I understood. I was tempted to initiate some minor brawling, not to defend myself, but to defend the pride of my good friend, whose girlfriend had this to say to me:

Her: Gee, Jess, you look slut-tastic tonight.
Me: (playing it off) Thanks, that's what I was going for.
Her: (dramatically cocking her ear) What did you say?! You're the Village Whore?!
Me: No, actually. I am kind of thinking more "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader" on a budget.
Her: Well, I think you got a way to go in the "boobs" department, dear.
Me: I'm trying. I eat a lot of cheese these days.
Her: I do not really think it's going to cut it, you are really not working with much. You might wanna start thinking silicon.

-- she little spun on her heel and stomped away, leaving me with her boyfriend / my friend. Is it fair to punch someone in their crabby, insecurotron face because they are jealous of yr confidence? No. Not even when yr on some "What Would Judas Do?" shit.

So, anyhose, Lady Sov, she was bouncy and so small that it is not hard to imagine that she lives in a Toadstool on the edge of the forest -- I really wish she had employed the use of a mini-trampoline, ala Joni Greggins, so that I could have seen her better, so she could of boinged into visibility. She was on a petite riser, I was in the second row, and I could not see her, as standing between us was front row - solely occupied by the hotttt gay-black-nerd contingent who are the best-weird dressed dudes in town offish, and I am always in awe of "How did they get the idea of "cut-off caftan with daisy-dukes+ ninja-toe boots + frohawk"?!" . Those dudes, they were the only dudes who knew her stuff/grime well enough to know how to bounce to it. They were totes tall but when they danced, I could peek around thier sides and could see Sov, hands up, stalking the 4 foot long stage, pony tail swinging, beer in one hand, mic in the other like she was born holding it, pinging hearts and minds of dudes that been waiting all year to yell "Bo! Bo! Bo!" at someone...

AND: As JShep and S/FJ have said before: confusion reigns supreme, still, on how do we bootydance to this power grime ? People started popping when her DJ (Framsta? Hamster?) played "1 Thing" - on 53 -- relief found in a song they knew - despite that it was almost doube the normal speed. They cheered when he would drop some straight techno or housey shit in, because, we, dancer and movers of Chi-Boog, we know what to do with that Jaxx clap or the 120-poink. Sov is real easy to love. She is like a commercial for "wacky brit", winking at the crowd and saying "Sooo, Imedawhytemidgetagrime" and then burping loudly. And she stayed on top of her back track, which was mostly just drops, so it wasn't like MIA karaoke style. I was ok with the rap-along-with-this-CD style for her, because, like, who could even be her hypeman/lady? Totes perfunctory, plus they'd get blisters from her heat.

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