July 08, 2005


I was up til 5:30am. I was proofing the 27-pages of the reviews section in the dawn light . 5 hours sleep is not so much. If this is not the best goddamn fanzine ever made, please, in my eulogy, mention how hard I tried. Five in the morning is all kinds of lovely, but those goddamn bird are loud, it's ruthless. I felt like a cartooned Disney goodgirl, like I was being trailed by eager fucking bluebirds who were chirpy with my name -- "Cinderelly-Cinderelly" like a foghorn. So we take it back to the Bay and ask: "Sleep, what's that?" and in three weeks, a book comes back from Canada and it reads "Hit it or Quit it" at the top.

Since my game is sleep deprived and I am breathing weak sauce all up in yr world, try these bits of complex-fun and steamy theories:

K-punk, our abstract dynamics neighbor, on Live 8, Lacanism and libidinal fallacies . I know Lacan is "unfashionable" and oft (mistakenly) cited as anti-feminist, but I am down for his wild french style and identity theories -- this book about it , while clocking in at a tiny 56 pages, was a liberating jam.

Slang Editorial as unrepentant R. Kelly apologists . Dude, it's hard. Sometimes I am all the way, fuck the dude, and change the station. Sometimes I listen with a curious mix of horror and awe. Sometimes, sometimes I go there: I know the words, and I sing along. Confliction is a weight-bearing excersize, fundamental to third-wave feminism.

RiffRag is my new favorite mag - sez the manifest: "queer feminist magazine commited to fighting white supremacy and promoting accessibility to art". Check out Giles O'Dell's bizonculars Scream Club video starring America's fave/only gender-queer rap duo as a giant two headed bug and The Gossip's Beth Ditto embodied as mauve firefly (or something). Bugs go to party, Beth winks back. Amen.

Also great:
Make Zine whose awesome-zillion statement of purpose includes this line: "We ride a rickety skate- board between queer desires for social and economic justice, critical thought on anti-racism and poverty, and a belief in DIY political insubordi-nation." The site is a collection of their queer/gender-queer zines.

And, and: Does anyone have links to a good couple of intersex/genderqueer/gender-outlaw/transfeminism blogs or resources sites? I have had three or four fairly stunted convos with people in the last month, trying to explain what it means to not believe in the idea of binary gender, but I just know what I understand from the gender-queer kids I have worked with and for, which is cursory at best. If you got links, if you are that bloggerstein, please holla and toss some linx.

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