July 06, 2005


Anyone got a copy of Quark they wanna boot me, like tonight? You should live in Chicago, bonus points if you got the installation code. I have a 26,000 word reviews section jocking me, hard. In exchange, I will give you some records, or sincere thanks, grape soda 6 pack, 37 high-fives, Miles' home number or whatevs. Just holler. You could be the man/woman that helps "save the magazine".

I love you in advance.

PS. If you are not reading DateXEdge , you should be. I but the DXE "Don't hate ya / won't datecha" sticker on my otherwise un-sticker marred car. This week's update, they talk about "tossing the eff" a lot. Highlight, sayeth TT Sperbs: "that said, as was always always said, into eff toss bracket perpetuity and beyond, i would bun jess in a firey hot oven anytime rather than my non-existent version of luke who could help me eat even more nasty, hi-cal foodstuffs than i already do." I have no idea who these eff tossable dudes from the TV are, but I laugh out my nose at Teeter 37 hours a day.

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