July 05, 2005


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Cave-aged Gouda vs. Epistle to the Colossians

T-minus two weeks, mon freres et soeurs, til Al "Burn Collector" Burian and myself are rolling through your town on our READING TOUR. We will be reading "old favorites" and some new work. We will be selling our zines, books and comic-books. Julianne Shepherd is opening some of the North East dates with a piece that includes some uprocking. Also, Northhampton, yr new neighboor, Sara Jaffe, of travel-zine/ex-Erase Errata/current Tam Tam, opens with some jams and jabs.

Please come see us read.
Or at least tell yr pals in these cities.
Or alert yr Myspace community.
Link it to controversial threads on ILM.
Print out this picture of Al , laminate and post in yr shower as a "reminder".
Please come. Do not make me beg.

Also, if you wanna help promote the shiz, we will ship you some posters and handbills of the Burian-designed GOOD VS EVIL tour posters (inexplicably, I am represented as "good") to put up or drop off 'round town. Also, if you have tips on cool-event email lists in yr area, Al Burian-fans-in-Providence newsgroups, the record store where we MUST get posters to, etc -- get at me with that info. In return, you'll get a firm hand shake and most sincere thanks in the liner notes of my heart.

(all readings except 7/14 are ALL AGES EVENTS, and all events are sliding scale admission)
July 14th: Chicago, IL- BANANA KING ZINE presents Rock N' Read fundraiser @ The Empty Bottle $10/21 w/ Functional Black outs, Al & I read at 11:15, free banana w/ paid admission.
July 16th: Pittsburgh, PA @ ModernFormations Gallery (4919 Penn Ave) 7:30 pm $3-5
July 17th: Philly, PA @ Mollys Books
July 18th: NYC, NY - Bluestockings Radical Books , 172 Allen , 7 pm.
July 19th: Providence, RI @ Dirt Palace Feminist Art Space w/ Julianne Shepherd - 7:30 pm
July 20th: Easthampton, MA - Flywheel Community Arts - 8 pm (2 Holyoke St)
w/ Julianne Shepherd and Sara Jaffe
July 21st: DC @ Infoshop (1426 9th st NW) - 7pm - Jeff Ott headlines
July 22nd: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Arts Space - 8 pm
JUly 24th: Chapel Hill, NC @ Co-Op House
July 25th: Louisville, KY @ BRICK Community Center - 7pm

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