July 01, 2005


Pardon the crass phallocentric hyperbole, but I have a total boner for this new Seattle public library. The article about it in the New Yorker does not do it justice. If you are here - come see the library. I stopped on the corner where the internal-ramping ends, sort of above the buhtardedly monickered "remix lounge" where all the 'puters are -- and I stood pressed against the glass wall, looked at the expansive three story drop to the lobby, admired the criss crossing hard angles making diamonds against the city squared-horizontal and it made me quiver a bit. I took the neon elevator up to the top floor, which feels open to the sky (and the shiny white light of it felt like a good-guys-spaceship from Star Wars) then walked down the internally ramping all the way, then shot up the middle on the escalator and did it again. Rem Koolhass-inspired library-boners 4-evs.

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