June 29, 2005


Let's all take the music-snob pledge offered by Chris Weingarten on his blog. Perhaps even print it out and bring it with you to Other Music or Reckless next time yr in there browsing for Rough Guide to Turkish Prison Songs Played On Combs .

The best surprise of this issue of HIOQI came wrapped in the form of Becky Smith, young lady of St Louis who was turning in amazing 750 word narrative reviews detailing what it is like when a record and a song explodes yr life, until her computer blew up. She is like the baby Jesus offspring of me, Britt, J-Shep and Amy Phillips. And she's working retail in a mall and meanwhile, asking Ted Leo to kiss her shoes .

Al and JR are over, we are still making a magazine. One day my prints will come and this wack baby will be on the newsstand. In the meantime, we just lissen to "It's all over now, baby blue" as performed by THEM, needle on chronic repeat, and wonder if anyone ever meant it quite like Van the Man.

PS> If you play the break on John Lennon's "Meat City" (#29 on all time fave songs) off Mind Games on the backward break John is saying "FUCK A PIG". In case you were wondering. We checked.

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