June 29, 2005


In honor of the bizerker-traffick Fluxblog gonged down the lamplit cul de sac of Tiny Lucky Blvd, re the movie he hates and I luv, Me You and Everyone We Know , lets further direct elucidation to the daring and magic and reverent world of Miranda July.

Her blog about the movie and it's ensuing success, and all her surrounding fear and hope for it -- some highlights:
- The week before it comes out, her post detailing the work of Sean Techerachi (of Craphound zine) that appears in the film, including the artist info/work summaries that appear next to the museum peices, one of which credits work made with "facepaint, plastic and sunshine" to evangelist ministry couple Creflo and Taffii Dollar.
- The entire entry about finding out she won the Palm D'Or at Cannes, and then, her journey there is moving and funny. She has a bunch of little videos you can watch, but the one where at her hotel, she goes into the safe and out of this little box comes the actual Palm D'or award, which is large, golden and very officially regal - I got choked up. It's this tingley personal moment in the life of someone's art and - is really jarring in it's intimacy.

To see someone, who is coming out of punk, who is coming out of the same proximate DIY community as you and your friends, who was inspired in the same ways by grrrl zines, and seeing their art being honored for being special it funnels and riles my own hope, and is inspiring. Not for the validation of such legit mainstream recognition and the hopes that maybe one day something parallel would exist for me -- but more that art that MEANS SOMETHING came to life, and made it to shore and so maybe that means that one day soon a little-trouble-girl in Couer D'Alene, TX or where ever, she will get, as a gift, a book by Julianne Shepherd about feminism, that her mom picked up on the NEW ARRIVALS table at Barnes and Noble. And that book will mean something to her, and one day when she is grown up and living in Santa Fe, she will take whatever she garnered from J-Shep's book and feel brave enough to make her art about that same feeling and she will feel free unto the world.

I was thinking last night, as I was driving a boy whom I take on dates to see Miranda's movie (litmus: he passed), that I understood, now, my grandma's relationship with IU basketball coach, Bobby Knight. My grandmother is 86, she's got IU team calendars and posters from the early 80's still decorating her laundry room. I understood home team for the first time, really. Punk/DIY feminist art is my hometeam, and we have not had a winning season in some time, so it is a real tickertape event down in my heart.

Also, the Learning to Love You More site which is about getting you to make some art. Roger Ebert when he introduced MJ at the first screening of MYAEWK expressed his wonder at the site, and also showed the audience his completed assignment from it. It was a drawing. I would like to imagine that when he is killing time, avoiding deadline, just like me, Roger Ebert goes on to LTLYM.com and thinks "I could totally do #30 "Take a picture of strangers holding hands"-- I could do that this weekend." and then spends 22 minutes looking at entries about other peoples recent arguments.

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