June 28, 2005


We're sorry we spelled it "renigged", not "reneged" yesterday and whatever that may have implied, aside from that I cannot spell - at all.

We're sorry that "rap wifey" read purjoratively, rather than as self-implicating ironic devise.

We're sorry we spent 14 hours in the airport and did not arrive home until 3 am, and that our night was filled with contentious text messaging, copies of Good Housekeeping (Madonna cover) and The Beleiever's terrib-music issue purloined from good friend and former employee, Dave Lewis, also on my flight, also stranded in the Minneapolis airport for animal-baby-length gestation period. Dave Lewis and I are quitting PR and are opening a spa. We saw how to do it on airport CNN.

We are not sorry for spending much of our flight time writing sexually explicit album reviews as super tanned actor George Hamilton that also includes mentions of George Peppard's parrot farm in Cozumel.

Secondly: Thurs & Friday I am in Seattle, and I think I need a place to stay. You: my friend in Seattle, with couch for me to rest my tiny genius head upon.

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