June 27, 2005


You heard it all before, the yarn should be familiar at least as the record came out 2 months ago. My review of the Mountain Goats for City Pages, which reads a little clipped and sterile, I do believe. I did not think the story about having to pull over on 94W because I was bawling the first time I heard the lines I quoted from "Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod?" because of the spontaneousness of the bawling-fit it brought about was adept criticazl testament. The livejournal sentiment of It made me cry, I could not see the road, I felt like my heart stopped and then it broke entirely is irrelevent because I think it's a totally natural reaction, and really, as much as I love it when it's all about me, it is Darnielle's show. I did not care to write that I had driven 405 of the 406 miles of the Minneapolis to Chicago drive, and was 1 exit away from the Division exit (home) and I could not make it because I heard that line and I was mess'd. It stole my breath with "Hoping you don't break my stereo...". Also, was compounded by a confused but well-empowered sadness of knowing that that was the last time I was making that Mnpls-Chi trip for a long while, that my tri-state constant-commuting for the (re)fostering of some well-imagined life, the fantasy had been ceded to black-cat-string'd 'splosions, and no "school" and no "romantic-love" was thereforeto luring me back, and that the role of art-school-attending-rap-wifey was not going past the pilot, and had been written out of the season entirely . So, in that moment, at tremulous intersection of kid-memories splayed and adult-choice bereavement , of heartcracking hot sobs behind the wheel of a 96 Corolla, is not extoled in the review. Instead I try and tell you what the record does, not why it did me in - as casual as I can about a record that killer, about a record of the righteous reclaim of Darnielles vivid-awful, from the tongue in his girl's mouth to the gun in his stepdads. PS> Please buy the record if you have not already.

Now we go to the airport, and now we fly home, we lay over in Minneapolis and we hold steady against all we know about that twin'd city, and it's claims staked and claims reneged upon, til pre-boarding.

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