June 27, 2005


Brooklyn, summer edition, was small and manageable this time through. I did not see half the folks I was intending too, did not meet Luke the new baby with long fingers I meant to meet, did walk in Prospect Park four times, did sleep on Julianne's couch that is about the size of a necco wafer, did not sleep nearly enough, did see Stars, Sadies and maybe New Pornagraphers in the park, did not actually pay attention well enough to know if they were decent, did wade through the throngs of post-Pride-parade-rs and watched glimmery hot latina babydykes wap each other in the azz with rainbow flags, did talk madd shit loudly at Kate's regardless of seating proximity to LSEhypsterz and Dave Pajo, did not care who heard me, did miss Hold Steady opening Get Up kids last show in NJ, did see all of Sleater Kinney walking down the street, did see a lady have an intimate all tongue exchange with her teacup chiuaua, did gag from the smell of rotting, cooking trash stench juicing and metamorphising in curbside mountains. Did it all.

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