June 24, 2005


Julianne said it first, but I copy her steez all the time, so PETER MACIA, of Peter Macia "can I attach yr genius, surgically, to my face, pleeze I love yr writing so much" fame has a blog , a blog which book reports on the bell hook's book I dun recommended three days ago on this here blog. Our world is an infinite e-ring of smallness and friendcession. Other hobbies include: running through the sprinkler and stealing gluesticks.

Because the magazine is not finished and the pages are not furnished, the Scavenger Hunt is off for tomorrow, and will be rescheduled for August likely. When it is hot and yr skin is like a slip n' slide.

Do you have the new Feadz " Forward 4" 12"? Do you have any idea whether it is a 33 1/3 or a 45 rpm album? I do not know if the problem lies in that Feadz switches the shit up and it's like schuffel- jackin with acid 303 squeals, magic and tracky at 120 and then it's like helllloud 909 hat-chings over some chopped and screwed molasses and the other side is like, Ellen Allien on the Paris Metro combin her hair style demure with these Detroit-y "lets fuck!" samples. 33 the subbass sounds like Jesus' shit, 45 sounds like Jeff Mills' last cocaine seizure. Either way, you should let me DJ your birthday party, I'll play it for you and people will grind on you, and you will think it's the best birthday you have ever had, at least until you wake up the next day.

4. MIRANDA JULY'S MOVIE ME YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW OPENS TODAY. REMEMBER IN MARCH WHEN I BLOGGED TO YOU "best movie ever!" when it premiered at the women's film festival and you thought I was high on hyperbole? Shit won at Cannes, dog. You gotta listen to me, and Roger Ebert and ignore the thing on the poster that says "This Year's Sideways ", because if it was "This Year's Sideways", it'd be Swingers II: Vince Vaughn Eats A Vaganwich* , but instead, it's Miranda July and she's on the cover of our fucking magazine and you should buy two tickets to see her movie because it will make you cry a little when John Hawkes' character is putting the bird painting in the bushes and Miranda touches his hand.


* see Vocabulon in the next HIOQI, courtesy Cali.

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