June 23, 2005


Dear Greg Sage,
Why is the Wipers logo so bad? I am listening to Is it Real? and doing 80 in the Toyota and feeling like my universe will explode with every snare crack of "Tragedy", every day, still, and I wonder - are you old and crazy now? When you made this record did you know it was the best punk record ever made? When you made your logo, did you know that that peace sign would be madd dated by 1984, let alone 2005, thusly preventing me from being able to get it tattoo'd on my forearm? I guess it was all about context and Reaganomics. I used to have a picture of you, a promo picture for yr record from 1990, it was taped up in my bathroom when I was in high school. I looked at it every day when I was getting ready to go to school, or when I was defrosting my window with a hairdryer so that I could get it open to surrepticiously smoke out it. I got a vinyl copy of Over the Edge for $4 on Braineater, used at Oarfolk, when I was 16 and wound up buying all yr bad solo records - I just wanted more "Romeo" or "D-7", and Sub Pop had not reissued yr shit yet, and so I bought those solo albums and they were not so awesome, so I just listened to a lot of Hole, which was pretty much the same thing. What are you up to these days? Are you shy? Are you busy? Are you bitter you never got yr due like all the other old punks? Do you want to come ton Chicago and help me learn all yr songs for my Wipers cover band? Why do you always wear that bandana? Is it because yr hair looks like a tumbleweed? Do you ever imagine that 16 year old Minnesota girls looked at your picture while brushing their teeth every morning for years, wondering what you were doing and dreaming of writing a song as good as "Return of the Rat"?
Write back. I gotta know.


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