June 22, 2005


The best gift I can give, and the only blog post/link I can conjur that does not have to do with Miles and I spending 12 hours today laying out the new issue and listening to The Best of The Gap Band is a link to the blog of Mark Anthony Neale . Julianne and I saw him on a panel at the hip hop and feminism conference and I kept grabbing and poking her everytime he commented, frontal lobes stunned, capable only of utterly "Dude. Oh my god. I love him." sotto voce, and Julianne would go "Dude. I know. I know. Amazing." in between wiping away our tears of inspiration, or the tears you get when you hear someone speak your truth and speak it with vigilant hope and no bullshit.

Also, while we are at it, since it has been a good 3-4 months since I last insisted you read it, and a couple dudes recently emailed asking to me recommend some starter books on feminism: The Will to Change by bell hooks . The descrip on the Powells page makes it sound strangely self-helpy, but it is really about, to me, the way the patriarchy oppresses men, and in turn how that impacts everyone else, and about a feminist liberation for men, and liberation through "a love ethic". It's like the prequel Common's Be . Also, it's a much more satisfying read than Susan Faludi's Stiffed , which is also about how the patriarchy is effing every man ever born. Dude on dude gender oppresion is real, just crack an ish of Details if you doubt it. I want every dude I know/resent/love to be free. I want them to read this book and get to know the realness and the love that feminism has for them.

It makes me sad, but at least you could afford to buy 16 or 30 copies to give as gifts, but Andrea Dworkin's autobiography is available used for $1.96 on Amazon . It is sad, intense like holding yr breath underwater and inspiring. She was a girlsoldier like no other. For $4.00, you can get Pornography which reads like she wrote it in her own blood, it's got such force behind it. You will never feel the same way about jacking to Backdoor Sluts Gone Nuts #12 again, and is incredibly compelling no matter where you stand on puerno .

Also, available for a mere .95, is Naomi Wolf's Promiscuities: A Secret History of Female Desire which is more auto-biog. that her other work, but personal narrative is always a good place to start from.

And lastly, the book that cemented my feminism like no other, and was as intregral in my radicalization as Bikini Kill fanzine #2: Susan Faludi's Backlash, with six copies used readily availble for the totally fuck-you-Filene's price of ONE SINGLE PENNY through Amazon.

Think about it: For $11.96 you could buy an entire feminist-essentials library - an entire summer's worth of reading -- and have it shipped to yr casa in three business days.

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