June 20, 2005

fupping f'update.

Miles is on the floor, laying out this story that Billy Danze of M.O.P told to Partymanica (fka Crullermanica) about breaking some kids gun apart. And he says: "Making the magazine...It's like Apocolypse Now, with the finished magazine standing in for Colonel Kurtz. We're still at the part where we are going up river, shit is kind of binoculars, but we have not lost our minds yet." I know we're getting pretty fucking close, as Miles got mad at me for insulting his cigarette brand and he's calling me by my Christian name - " Yo, Dirty Bitch" - exclusively.

Tour update:
DC, Providence, Chapel Hill dates of reading tour are finalized with venues. Louisville TBC at Brick. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd opens select New England dates with a dance+reading performance, and Sara Jaffe, of travelzine and Erase Errata fame opens in Northhampton. Also, I found out, excitingly that at the Rock N Read benefit show (Chicago July 14), everyone gets a FREE BANANA w/ admission. $10 gets you a zine, a banana, me and AL, 2 bands I have never heard of and the GREAT band Functional Blackouts.

"Free banana with admission" is an idea whose time has come.

Here is a great picture, which is what you get when you are trying to Google "M.O.P". That lady is the fucking definition of 'ante up'.

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