June 20, 2005


Greetings from the Hit it or Quit it offices. We moved out of my house and into a snow topped Chalet/Abandoned Mill in the jungle. Making the magazine is going well or great. I think it might be the best issue of the best magazine ever. If the four checks we are waiting on actually show up, well, the thing will come out, maybe, even.

Meanwhile, yesterday was an adventure. Monkee, the feline who lives here, she brought us a present:
But as we have no room in the inn for a slightly bloddied and very panicky baby bird with no wings grown in yet and no fur to cover it's neon heart that you can see beating through it's rice paper skin, Miles and I took a break from editing the reviews section to make a quick trip to Animal Control, where we promptly regifted Baby Bird to the county.


Also, Chicago, if you are in town, tonight, roll to FREE NIGHT at the Empty Bottle, as KILL THE VULTURES (fka OddJobs) are headlining.

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