June 17, 2005


1. Anyone got as picture of Thursday/Geoff Rickley that they want to give me, for free, for publication?

2. There is not a single reason, why you, me, and the 13 people who want to connect young ladies and boy-guys (Warped attendees, 'specially) with radical liberation -- there is no reason that we should not be mimeographing manifestos and distro-ing them at Warped or infiltrating bathroom lines at Senses fail shows. Renegade propaganda is potent and hot-to-death. Dude, imagine being 14 or 17 and meeting YOU at a show, and getting some dope 3 page manifesto that was pure fire?! All teenagers want is more things to be angry and opinionated about, if memory serves. I think it's all about "No, rape is your problem, dog" pamphlets for teen dudes. That is my wild suggestion for bringing the motherfucking revolution this week, k?

3. The Hit it or Quit it layout process does not begn til Miles gets off work tomorrow, so if yr all 'Totes did not finish my HIOQI submission in time" - if J Shep or I get it by middle of the day tomorrow, you got a shot. Stop the self judgement, and let us decide -- just send it!

4. Oh my god, I love you. Person reading this, I totes adore you. Making a magazine makes me juiced about the whole world. This morning, Monkee, my kitty, she waltzed through the house with this flappy little bird in her mouf, just casj - like she was not showing off, and I really feel like thats us . We're flossing to the world: check out our skillz, check out this chirpy half dead bird in our mouth.

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