June 16, 2005


Making a magazine in four days is something I have not attempted since, well, like 12th grade, but I think so far we're off to a good start:

1. Miles and I found a full pack of smokes on the porch, mysteriously.

2. Laurent from Tusk/Pelican came over for a dinterview and talked about the how bummed his is about how being PC is now so unfashionable, because he cannot hang with people saying "faggot" like it's no big deal.

3. We made a graph, rather than reviewing 14 records. The scales are Breastfeeding/Pavement/an airborne seagull/Don Henley and then plotted each album with the axis. You do not want to know where John Vanderslice landed.

4. We have just learned that we all know all the words to B-52s Cosmic Thing 14 yrs after the fact, and that it's just as good of an album as it was in 6th grade.

5. The review that just came in that insists that the Low in Europe DVD has the same plot as Goonies .

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