June 16, 2005


It's not as if I ever, ever, ever want to go to Warped tour again, and it is not as if I expect any sort of great ideas/ideals to sprout from the Lyman-et al marketing brain trust in regards to appealing to women when there is a 20 foot tall "inflatable playzone" in the form a "punk" "woman" ( that looks like most of the girls at the fucking event) that has "music video slut" writ large in fake tattoo on her -- but this self-ghettoizing bullshit is just that -- bullshit. It is not feminist nor is it revolutionary to cosign on being in a vaginas only tent, to play "special" guitars made for the fairer sex (they are lighter, smaller, pink/flowered) -- it's a fucking guitar - Not a tampon!! (I am an adult woman the size of a child, with tiny-azz fingers and I play a fullsize Fender Jaguar with no problem - wtf!?! ) SECONDLY -- when is there going to be a special tent for boys where they can get pamplets on NOT RAPING PEOPLE -- rather than putting the after the fact onus on the 13 year old girls at Warped to see NOFX. Where is the mandatory cop-staffed tent with the educational rap-video about statuatory rape and consent laws and even-if-she's-your-girlfriend, replete with testimonials from jail.

Because, when it gets down to it,The Sugar Hooker tent offers about as much revolution as the Slim Jims™ tent, even if they are reprinting Bikini Kill manifestos -- inspite of it's free guitar lessons -- by segregating women and girls onto into their hot pink pussy tent --- rather than explemplifying FEMINISM, it is marketing - SELLING - a concept of "GIRLS KICK ASS! PS. Here is your free pink SUGAR HOOKER sweatband, some tampons in the shape of a guitar and a pamphlet on where to call if you get raped! THANKS! DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST".


Subject: S.H.E.'S WARPED - new Warped Tour brand launch
From: Ilka at Fly PR

For Immediate Release

Sponsors Include SG Magazine and Daisy Rock Guitar
S.H.E.’s Warped Program Active On All Tour Stops
Jerra Plays Shiragirl Stage On Selected Dates

Los Angeles, CA – Sugar Hooker Entertainment (S.H.E.) announces the S.H.E.’s
Warped program to launch for Warped Tour 2005. The label’s priority act,
Jerra, will perform on the ShiraGirl Stage for selected dates. The band is
touring in support of their new full-length album titled Play Like A Girl.

S.H.E.’s Warped is a new program being launched by Sugar Hooker
Entertainment (S.H.E.) on Warped Tour 2005. It is wholly endorsed by Warped
Tour founder Kevin Lyman who enthuses "The Warped Tour has always been about
bringing new, exciting music and lifestyle brands to kids around the
country, and we're excited to have Sugar Hooker Entertainment joining us
this summer. Girls are here to stay on the Warped Tour!"

The S.H.E.’s Warped manifesto advocates providing a cool, fun place where
girls and guys can exchange ideas about pro-grrl music, art, lifestyles,
politics, trends. Sugar Hooker Entertainment will provide a place where
concert goers can pick-up exciting give-away items and information on a
variety of grrl-powered topics.

24-year old S.H.E. founder Jerra Spence is thrilled about the pro-grrl
message S.H.E.’s Warped will unveil this year. “We are bringing together
girl-culture companies like SG Magazine and Daisy Rock Guitar” Spence
explains. “Plus we are introducing female cult artist Fawn Gehweiler. We
are grrl-powered DIY Clothing! Music! Revolution!”

At the heart of the program stands the S.H.E.’s Warped tent designed by
Spence and visual artist Fawn Gehweiler. Gehweiler has been hailed by The
Face magazine as "the visual equivalent of candy floss peppered with broken
glass - delicious yet dangerous.” S.H.E.’s Warped tent sponsors include the
grrl-oriented sports and lifestyle publication SG Magazine and Daisy Rock
girl guitars.

Daisy Rock founder Tish Ciravolo comments "Sugar Hooker Entertainment
(S.H.E.) is all about girl rockers, and as the only true girl guitar
company, Daisy Rock is proud to support Jerra and Sugar Hooker Entertainment
(S.H.E.) on this summer's Warped Tour. Their presence will help inspire
thousands of female musicians around the country to rock!" Daisy Rock is
sponsoring Warped Tour bands including Jerra (S.H.E.), Inspect Her Gadget
(MyShorts Records), The Shocker (with Jennifer Finch of L7) and The Randies.
Visitors will have the chance to enter to win a free Daisy Rock guitar. In
conjunction S.H.E.’s Warped is offering free guitar lessons at the tent

SG Magazine will be giving away free copies of their summer issue at the
S.H.E.’s Warped Tent. S.H.E. and SG support girls who surf, skate and
snowboard and are giving away free subscriptions to the publication as well
as hosting a free-to-enter raffle all summer long. “Girls who like rock
music relate to girls who board” Jerra points out. “We’re the same
community, the same tribe, doing what we love to do!”

SG Magazine and Daisy Rock Guitars will both be actively promoting the
S.H.E.’s Warped program online, in print and in-person at Warped Tour.
Visit their websites for updates, photos and more information at
www.sgmag.com and www.daisyrock.com.

Merchandise specifically designed for the S.H.E.’S Warped program includes
music, limited edition posters by Fawn Gewheiler designed for S.H.E. and a
line of S.H.E.’S Warped 2005 items including posters, tote bags, tee shirts,
pins and stickers.

The S.H.E.’s Warped all-grrl gang will be in full force this summer. S.H.E.
is calling on girls all over the country to step-up, show solidarity and
create a community of strong females doing what they love to do and
supporting each other in the process. The team will flyer the grounds as
well as distributing the official S.H.E.’s Warped Tour 2005 fanzine. The
fanzine will include Kathleen Hanna's Riot Girl Revolution, Jerra and the
band The Shocker’s notes on DIY ethics, a coloring book by Fawn Gehweiler,
articles, helpful ‘concert/festival-goer’ info, phone numbers for national
organizations including suicide hotlines, date rape information and fun
quotes by bands present on the tour.

Fans can also keep up with Jerra on her own personal Blog hosted by ELLEgirl
Magazine’s website, www.ELLEgirl.com. This is the magazine’s first foray
into the world of blogging on their highly trafficked website. The site
currently enjoys 3.8 million page views per month and 500,000 visitor

Jerra’s album, Play Like A Girl, is the first release on Sugar Hooker
Entertainment. The first track on the record, titled "Don't Trust" can be
heard in the surf film, The Kill Seven, which features surf superstars Kelly
Slater, Tom Curren and other surf celebs. “The Others” can be heard on
Surfer Magazine’s clip of the Pipeline Pro Masters 2005. And MTV recently
licensed tracks from the album to be used on the hit shows Road Rules, Real
World, and RW/RR Challenge. One of the most applauded Clear Channel radio
stations in the country, Indie 103.1, has been spinning the track “The
Others.” Jerra will perform on the ShiraGirl Stage on Warped Tour in San
Diego, Ventura, Boise, Seattle and Portland.

Sugar Hooker Entertainment is an independently owned and operated record
label and lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, CA. Visit them online at

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