June 16, 2005


We were sitting at dinner, (it was desert for me), and I was starring out the window and I call the attention of Matt and JR (who, for some reason, asked me to refer to them as rap-duo "Snowjob and Blo-cone" if they show up on my blog?!) and I say "Is that him?" and JR concurs. It totes is. I say "OMG, I love him. I am so totally totes in love with him." I sigh a little. I pay the check in a hurry and get out the door, because, for some reason, dude is just pacing outside the resturant, smoking. Snowjob and Blo-cone go to head across the street to the car and I stop them "Can we stand here and have a cigarette for a minute, please?" " You can smoke in the car," says Snowjob. "No, I want to smoke here, so I can stare at him some more because I love him." I say. "I love him too," Blo-cone says in solidarity. Snowjob rolls his eyes -- I hop up and take a seat on the bike rack, turn my head towards my crush and smile, hard. He is leaning against the other bike rack, chewing on some small euro-cigar, looking like a sailor, staring up at the night sky. I turn back to Snowjob "I know he's like 70, but he made me under stand freejazz , and when I saw him at the Flyswatter exhibit, I wept, okay?" I turn back towards my crush and smile again. I want him to know. I want my gaze to spell out thank you, so he knows. He smiled back. I am elated. Peter Brötzmann got my psychic fax - our love is real.

(PS: Tonght at the Empty Bottle , $15 gets you into the Ninth Annual Jazz and Imporivised Music Fest featuring: The Brötzmann / Waits Duo with Peter Brötzmann,Nasheet Waits The Williams / Baker / Daisy Trio with Jim Baker,Tim Daisy,Davey Williams The Rempis Percussion Ensemble plus a special 'surprise' set)

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