June 15, 2005


A Christian parenting website reviews Lords of Dogtown , counts the swearing and taking of the Lord's name in vain, though does highlight spots of Christian appropriate redemption in the otherwise morally unredeemable life of a young Jay Adams. The highlight: "While the picture of the skateboard culture may be accurate, itís unfortunate they didnít attempt to help those who felt alienated and depressed. The film portrayed many in this society as neglected. If they could only see that God Himself wants to be the father, the mother or the friend they are missing. That kind of hope would help produce the greatest skateboarders the world has ever known." I fucking love Christians, dude. I so want to beleive this, that me being able to skate well vs. skate totes marginal (barely can ollie, running into inanimate objects) is a matter of allegiance to God -- I would have started going to church years earlier.

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