June 14, 2005



(Al Burian c. last week, in his back yard, the humidity punkifying his hair)

quick snips furr you:

1. If you got any sway or hook up for the BRICK Community Center in Louisville, or want to start a petition drive about it, Al and I need all ages in Louisville July 25th.

2. If you write, or planned to write for Hit it or Quit it, if you do not have your copy, your reviews, your photos, yr slangatorials in by FRiday end of business or so, shit is not getting in. That said - if anyone has stuff they want to throw our way last minute (reviews that got cut from other mags, blog posts that were too mean to post, a 41 word review of the Cage album, a freestyled essay-list about the best songs about divorce, or an open letter to Thurston Moore) -- if you get it in by the end of the week, and it's funny or interesting or just "fun to read" - chances are it's getting in. Think about it. Think about the good company you would be in. Sean Fennessy of the greezy-good Hardly Art blog/music editor at STUFF, he did a review of Minutemen's Double Nickels , reviewed some tape of Juelz Santana rapping about irish spring in the shower, and an essay about Ya Kid K . He is a busy busy man, but he made time for us, because he, too, shares our vision and like Sammy D said "Yes, I can"... (Also, if there is something you own copy-rights to, that you wrote that's real spectacular, we'll take that too. Word attachments are preferred, body of an email if you do not have word.)

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