June 10, 2005


If you are in Chicago, tonight, hit the Dax benefit if you can -- $10 gets you David Cross and Death From Above 1979, courtesy Biz3, at Sonoteque, which is just east of Ashland on Chicago. If you cannot get in ( totes likely), hit the Empty Bottle for Electralane.

Also, a bunch of closing-of-Buddy events at Buddy and sound like they will prove to be classic oh-shit-the-floor-might-collapse mayhem . Though, two weekends ago, I went to check the shit out, and got there too early and it was 4 people having a ballon fight & someone telling jokes over SupaDupaFly while an audience of two watched attentively from a big white leather couch. Then DSCN0398.JPG, suddenly, Rotten Milk, the young man to the left in this photo, crawled through a small hole in the wall and said "hey, I think this is yours" and gave me my Walkmen record I left behind while DJing 3 months ago.

Lastly, If you are hitting the Spoon show in Mnpls Sunday - hey! so am I - holler.

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