June 09, 2005


6.22 update, mon ami.

Updates and "confirms, motherfucker!" on the Al Burian / Jessica Hopper East Coast Summer Reading Jaunt 2005 Bonanza, now with more Chicago added.

Total mersh: Al's new mini-zine and comic, entitled Utopia , about Chicago's trains came out this week and will be available along with his comic anothology and Burn Collector zines and books, I will have a new Hit it or Quit it available on the tour, as well as back issues, and if Al gets my "file" out of his storage space -- my comic will likely be finished. By the end of the weekend, I will post a link to a pdf for the tour poster - so if you want to help promote the "show", make some handbills or just tongue the picture of Al a bit, you can. PS> I have never booked a tour before, and all the help people have given so far has made this start to actually come together, which has re-affirmed a sense of DIY/punk community and so is duly appreciated. Plus, the amount of cities where we have been offered a vegan meal, couch space and to accomodate us with a back yard to read in with a puppet-show opening act - outnumbers the cities where we are going 2 to 1.

July 14th: CHICAGO IL - BANANA KING ZINE presents Rock N' Read @ The Empty Bottle $10/21 w/ Functional Black outs, Al & I read at 11:15
July 16th: Pittsburgh, PA @ ModernFormations Gallery (4919 Penn Ave) 7:30 pm $3-5
July 17th: Philly, PA @ Mollys Books
July 18th: NYC, NY - Bluestockings Radical Books , 172 Allen , 7 pm.
July 19th: Providence, RI @ Dirt Palace w/ Julianne Shepherd (early)
July 20th: Easthampton, MA - Flywheel Community Arts - 8 pm (2 Holyoke St)
w/ Julianne Shepherd and Sara Jaffe
July 21st: DC @ Infoshop - 7pm
July 22nd: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Arts Space - 8 pm
JUly 24th: Chapel Hill, NC @ Co-Op House
July 25th: Louisville, KY @ BRICK Community Center

St Louis @ Lemp Arts and Mnpls & Duluth TBA end of summer.

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