June 06, 2005


This is what I know:

"THE SHIT IS BANANAS" aka TINYLUCKYGENIUS (FEATURING MILES RAYMER) PRESENTS A SCAVENGER HUNT is slated for Sat June 25th, mid evening (like 7 to 11). It is open to all ages, genders and hunt abilities. The hunt is limited to 8 teams of four people. Our "celebrity" judge panel consists of Liz Armstrong, columnist for the Chicago Reader and Johnny Herndon of Tortoise and whomever else we can get. Judging will be subjective and objective, as we delight in allowing room for esoteric interpretation. Prizes TBA but will be, also, real ridonkuliss and amazing (swears). The hunt starts & ends in the Wicker Park-ish area. You must pre-register w/ me --- either as a team or as an individual, so that we can get everything situated -- you must email me before the 23rd at MCFRENCHVANILLA at YAHOO DOT COM and answer the following questions:

1. Do you have the following, or easy access to, for the purpose/duration of the scavenger hunt:
d. A CAR
e. $3.00 (US DOLLARS)

Each team needs to have a cell phone and a polaroid camera. We are suggesting that each team either have 2 members on bikes or one car. If you do not have either, or any of these items, DO NOT SWEAT IT, you will be paired up with people who do. No one will be turned away -- and already a big gang of people are rolling up on this solo, so do not be afraid to get yr loner-ass in gear: the prizes, fellowship and good time being offered is going to be buh-nuttz. SO PUT TOGETHER A TEAM (if Pitchfork can do it, so can you!) - or email me now and register yr solo style for team placement -- because this is not going to be some wack "find a mitten /find a picture of Mayor Daley" style Scavenger Hunt.

Jessica Hopper
VP of Operations "The Shit is Bananas" Scavenger Hunt

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