June 03, 2005


My brain and body feel straight up catbox due to the v. late night at the Hold Steady show and exacerbated by 3:30 and 4 am wake-up text messages from child protege/ closeted R&B fan Ben Dickey, regarding "So Gone" by Monica*, which I put on a CD I made him two months ago (3:29 am reads: "Is Monica the one rapping on the breakdown? Shit is fucking GOOD!" my reply: I have no fucking idea, as I cannot hear the song from here ).

So, no fancy talk this morning just these hot tips:

1. My Juiceboxxx profile is in this week's Chicago Reader. His new album R U There God?! Itz me, Juiceboxxx is available for purchase online now

2. Slang Editorial is a group blog I do enjoy. I wish they were my friends. Maybe the already are. I have no idea.

3. LADIES (and queerkids) WHO READ THIS BLOG -- The call is still open and urgent -- please write me and tell me about your life and give me links to yr LJ pages, yr special projects website and the myspace URL for your bands. I am gunning for a megapost this weekend with all of them.

4. Cobain, Sinatra, Seger thread on Segerfile, the ultimate Bob Seger fansite , a thread which also details how Seger's "It's a Mystery" convinced Grand Funk Railroad not to reform. My next EMP Paper now in the works: "Thy Will Be Done: Bob Seger's Omnificent Power"

(* The strength of the four singles off After The Storm had it on my 2003 P&J ballot. Monica and Brandy are both totally under-rated, BTW, please revisit discog from "The Boy Is Mine" forward, for a good time.)

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