June 02, 2005


I am not quite sure why I never linked to The Blog Of Franklin Bruno before, because I read it plenty often. For what seemed like "a long time" he was talking and noir film and opera and Jamaican oboeist of the 30s or something that I knew very very little about. Franklin is smart about many many things I barely know the existence of though I feel like maybe we have some shared space re: Simple Machine's singles discography and french cheeses. Franklin (as Shayla put it) looks like he solves mysteries for a living, and also plays on one of my favorite records in a very long time, which is the new Mountain Goats album -- which, despite being my favorite, is so intense I can barely get through the whole thing in a casual sitting.

PS. re: Common. "GO!" is such gooey radio treat, so convincing - nay, hypnotizing - in it's mantra-hooks, after the fourth time hearing I started wondering "I wonder if John Mayer albums are actually good? Maybe I should check that dude out. Hmmm" -- WHAT THE EFF? Isn't that part some Nostradamial proclaimation about the end-times, that I develop curiousity re: John Mayer.

PPS. The Fuses record on Shit Sandwich is really fantastic, and I will detail that fantastic later, but I am just telling you now, go pick the shit up. Most SS releases sell out of the stores so fast it is as if they do not actually exist, so i would just skip the hassle and order whatever is in print from Norah's site. If you are sleeping on Shit Sandwich, you are sleeping on the future. If you think that's hyperbole, search up some SS-issued singles on whatever e-auction site you favor and check how fevered folks get for them.

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