June 02, 2005


Notice from the Messhall -- Chicago's most most awesome progressive gallery space/collective.

JULY 28 August 11

This is a call for all music makers, audiophiles, sound artists, file pirates,
oddity trawlers, programmers, mixtapers, noise addicts, radio hackers, circuit
benders, and free improvisers to participate in a two-week exhibition at Mess
Hall, in Rogers Park. The objective of this show is to bring into focus
diverse sound practices that resist conventional modes of production,
distribution, performance or perception. The show will accommodate a gallery
installation of submissions and projects, as well as a series of evening
performances. This will be accompanied by a website and small publication.
All types of contribution are welcome!
Please consider submitting:
Proposals for one-night performances, on or off-site events, installations,
radio programs
Recorded material for compilation, exchange, remix, broadcast or promotion
Posters, pamphlets, imagery or ephemera related to your work or to other DIY
sound projects
Essays related to the ideas of open-source programming, soundhacking,
politics and sound, installation, improvisation, subculture, etc.
How-to instructions or diagrams for instrument building/programming/deviant

All Submissions and proposals are due by July 15th

Timothy Ivison
1342 W Hubbard St., #2F
Chicago, IL 60622

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