May 30, 2005


J Shep, clear and shiny as a Diamonique™ necklace from Home Shopping Network, speaking truth to power, re: Anthony Miccio on Ying Yang Twins. These lines made me lose my breath: "Because actually thinking about the ramifications of pop culture in the real world, and your level of complicity within it, is a fucking struggle: you are forced to self-examine, to examine your level of privilege, and to acknowledge that the world and life are broad, and that there are more important things than music criticism and being right or even positing a contrarian opinion in order to piss people off. But what no one ever says is that IT IS OK TO BE WRONG SOMETIMES, even if the ILM culture, NYC's neverending phallocentric critical pissing contest, and yr Ivy League pass say it's not.

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