May 28, 2005


ALSO, before we start: If you live in Chicago metro area and have any interest in coming to/ putting a team together for A SCAVENGER HUNT in the very near future, please please please email me. I do not care of you are 11 years old, total stranger, whatever. If you have a car or bike, it'll help, but for serious. SCAVENGER HUNT. Cash prize? Delicious prize? TBA. But for certain: buh-nuh-nuh-uzz style fun.

next part:

Due in part to some of the heart and gut wrenching and inspiration-inspiring mail and letters I have been getting from ladies, girls and women/womyn/wimmin/Wyoming this last week -- I need all the chixxx and queerkids reading this to do me a solid: if you have a blog, a band, a myspace page, a tape label, a page about your knit crafts -- whatever you have that is linkable, I really want to know about it. I really want to know who and how you are and what sort of work yr putting into the world. Please do not be shy. Please do not hide yr blog from me and my prying eyes because you think it is not up to par. Stop making me findout who you are via backtracking and sitemeter traffick. I just wanna know, I do not want to be oblivious to your really special magick-in-action. If you do not have a band or a Winnebago-sized embrodery project or whatevers, or even a blog, and you are busting ass as a grad student or a mom, maybe just drop me a line anyway if you feel inclined. It's like a census, but personal and crucial and in the name of holy feminist solidarity.

No offense to dudes and mens who have links and sites and projects. Maybe i will put out an open call for yr stuff next week, but right now, we're still living in a patriarchy, and thusly your priviledge right is totes dominant, and plus, hella dudes are already emailing me their 411s, their myspace urls, corrections to my spelling and what i got wrong about like .. Climax Blues band or whatever -- at unfettered, breakneck pace. I am getting double scoops on that already, which is fine.

Lastly, a new low in Clear Channel bullshit . Is it ironic? Is there some word for like maxi ironic redonkuliss? This is that.

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