May 24, 2005


(Amended Weds - plz note)

An update on the plight and routing of the Al Burian/Jessica Hopper reading-tour. If you got a line on where we should go in New England, or you want to help set something up - email me asap: mcfrenchvanilla at yahoo dot com. Here is what is shaping up right nowish. Book stores, back yards, collectives, colleges, puppet theatres: holler.

July 15th - Cleveland TBD
July 16th - Library in the Poconos
July 17th - Philly c/o Sean Agnew
July 18th - NYC
July 19th - 21st New England zone - Amherst/Providence?/DC?
July 22nd - Baltimore
July 23rd - Ben Davis' wedding
July 24th - NC?
July 25th - Louisville
July 26th - St Louis TBD

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