May 23, 2005


I went to night tres of the Blackout! Fest at the Empty Bottle over the weekend, and I forgot to tell you'bout it. RIVER CITY TAN LINES, one of the many many endeavors of the hardest working lady in the the real for real real underground, Alicja Trout , was worth the 15 bucks all by them selves. While watching them play, I dreamt of a different world where Alicja was as revered as Ian macKaye. She is in 4 bands, is an incredible songwriter, was wearing a black witchy strapless prom dress, is a grown-up, plays guitar and solos like monkeys on bananas, she runs a mailorder distro and a recording studio and has this unselfconcioucess, uncocky but very tangible confidence on stage that I have never seen a woman have. It's an alien endowment, born of self-permission perhaps. But anyhow, River City Tan Lines' are so raw and so pop, they make (insert mainstream-celebrated any garage band of the last 5 years here) sound like goddamn Chad and Jeremy singing about leaves in the wind by comparison.

Other fun facts: In the first two nights of Blackout!, the Empty Bottle went through roughly 170 cases of beer (no figure on tap beer). 24 x 170 = 4080 Beers, divided by 330 attendees over 2 nights, is 12.3 beers per person. Per capita, it was the drunkest place I think I have ever been. A third of the crowd was having a great time, the other third was that weird silent scary drunk that happens when people get post-last-call blackout (no pun) drunk at 9 pm on a Thursday, and the other 1/3rd were like Darby Crash style wasted, all spittle flying from broken teeth, pinballing between you and the wall as they walk past, screaming the augmented lyrics to "Grand Ole Flag" ("Hummm ov da... fwee! / and land ov the.... day-ed!") before barfing into the pocket of their companion's dinner jacket.

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