May 22, 2005


The first and last paragraphs of (feminist artist) Carolee Schneeman's 1977 essay "Women in the Year 2000" - taken from Carolee Schneeman: Imaging Her Erotics :

" By the year 2000 no young woman artist will meet the determined resistance and constant undermining that I endured as a student Her studio and istory classes will be taught by women; she will never feel like a provisional guest at the banquet of life; or a monster defying her "god-given" role; or a beligerent whose devotion to creativity could only exist at the expense of a man, or men and thier needs. Nor will she go into the "art world" gracing or disgracing a pervading stud club of of artists, historians, teachers, museum directors, magazine editors, gallery dealers - all male, or committed to masculine preserves. All of that is already falling around our feet."
"The negative aspect is simply that the young women coming to these vital studies will never really believe that we, in our desperate groundwork, were so crippled and isolated; that a belief and a dedication to a feminine istory of art was despised by those who might have taught it and considered heretical and false by those who should have taught it That our deepest energies were nutured in secret, with precedents that we kept secret - our lost women. Now found and to be found again.

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