May 22, 2005


Took Wood to whatever street United Center is on.

Projects are still coming down slow - bent girders hang building bits outta burnt up bedrooms painted institutional peach and tan on the 19th floor, wrecking ball suspended and still. "New Development. New Neighborhood." says the sign outside the temporary trailer realty office. Pedaling the two block bracket between fallow glass lots that have stayed empty since 68 and the unmarred blacktop of the United Center parking lot, I think of what I know about these blocks: the tiny chairs I dumpstered when they tore down the project-school and the news anchor that got shanked in the neck by "gang youth" in the lot, and lived, and is now a motivational circuit speaker. Here's to overcoming adversity, tiny chairs and the brassy brick of new construction condos /genrtrifcation on blast.

As I turn to head towards downtown I notice my favorite tag is still up, on the back of a corner store: "ELOTES" in corn yellow bubbly script of graf past. I like to imagine this a reminant of the Eloteros' corn wars . It's on on Wood, 1/2 a block before the green line tracks, if you are heading south, in the alley. Check it next time yr en route.

Presidentially named streets are lined with M-F offices only, east-west corridors deserted Sunday at 3 - the street is mine. It is me, my ancient bike squeek-squeek, low freq freeway hum and the brown brick corners of the buildings holding sharp against the sky all starring in the movie. The movie was called Madddd Overdue III: Return To The Chicago Public Library -- which was not unlike Journey of Natty Gann with a bike basket full books instead of a wolf-dog guide. This movie, it is my favorite movie.

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