May 21, 2005


I went to Blackout fest, and though I only saw Gris Gris and Reigning Sound, it was worth the 15$. Blackout is three days over the very very most terrific even-if-you-hate-garage-you-will-love-this stomp n' blaze. Tomorrow is River City Tan Lines opening. Scam tickets if you can, I think it's sold out though. Anyhow, I love garage shows for the people watching, for sub-genres of people - tonights tops were:
1. Rockabilly Corpse
2. Doppelgangers of Fred from Dead Moon
3. Riff Randall at 38
4. Guys that can smoke a whole cigarette without touching it or removing it from their mouth except to put it out
5. 90% Wasted
6. Existing on methadone and pomade
7. Young couples in love pogoing and shouting the words into each others faces
8. Obviously married to a tattoo artist
9. Couples with matching leopard print accessories
10. Long-Forgotten Ramones

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