May 19, 2005


Ummmyeah. So, the DJ went missing and now Miles and I, Team Binoculars (CHI TOWN BRANCH MANAGERS) are DJing the Diesel Fash Event this eve at the Diesel store 923 Rush (Rush & Walton), 8-10pm. You are totes crapping yr gutz out with excitement over the chance to combine the fruity flavor of our DJ experience with the launch of the Diesel Upscale line and simultaneously miss the first night of Blackout ( the best garage fest in the country, ever) at The Bottle, MIA and LCD at Metro and Hawnay Troof's cum-rap at Abbey. Morgan is working the door, so ask her to let you in and pretend you forgot to RSVP. Tell them you are Jim DeRogatis or Whitney Houston's sister or in Mahjonngg, someone important and VIPish. Party with us as we get paid in "outfits"... Morgan and Miles have already launched their pledge of "SHILL SUMMER" which is like Revolution Summer (the posi revisioning of DC hardcore of yore) in reverse. Morgan is all about working at an awful Jeans and Heels bar where her rack will be earning her hella-tips and Miles says he's going corpo, though all I know so far is that last weekend he DJ'd for like 6 hours at H&M, playing only "clean rap".

Anyhow. Come see us.

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