May 19, 2005


Do you know how to make a .mac account host the MP3 bloggulation? I got one, just ned to make it all relate and go, I guess.
Faculty Lounge is six months over due and J Shep and I are like... fucking Amish ladies darning socks with yak hair over here. If you know how to do this shit and you can tell me, email me and I will email you or call you on the phone. Our Mp3 blog is different than any other Mp3 blog, conceptually and I really wish i could just explain, but you will just have to wait for it to blow your mind. The sooner you help, the sooner the not-proverbial-but-infact-totes-literal mindbloje happens.

PS> The Clash's "Train In Vain" is quietly the second saddest song ever.

PPS> That new John Doe album is so terrific, but I was driving through Wisconsin Monday and I was listening to X, and I realized all I ever wanted from romance with someone else was to have being with them be like the part in "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline" where John and Exene's voices bend, and half step together, melt sick and wretched and low heavened angelic going "Pauuu-leeeee-eeeeeene" and John's voice gets a touch quivery.

PPPS> The actual saddest song ever is "Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod" off that brand-new Mountain Goats album, the line "and then I'm awake and guarding my face/ hoping you don't break my stereo / because it's the one thing that I couldn't live with out " -- which is the brave truth shorthand for what some people mean when they say "music saved my life" - because sometimes that is where the joy and seperate world and dreams of future get grown and hidden and tended. Inside records you find a tether. So, making an album of linear narrative about barely living through high school because your step-father is beating the shit out of you is this tremendous ode. Darnielle lived to tell and tell it straight and with Aesopian* animal fable hues -- and that he trusts and knows how to do this with his music is just enough that the first time I heard this song I had to pull over on the freeway because I started choking on my breath it left me so fast. I was all hot sobs, because it cracked the pages to show this secret gospel of childhood for us, to see so plain.

(* I do not mean the rapper and his squirrel with a seatbelt shit. I mean straight up fables)

PPPPS> Would you still respect me if I told you I think Bob Seger does for musician/tour mythos & narrative what bell hooks does for feminism. God, I love the Silver Bullet Band.

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