May 18, 2005


J Shep, Jazzbo, Kris Ex and El Toro and myself dole out sex advice this week on . I am really surprised they let me be part of it, considering I am still a virgin ( YES, it's true -- despite my brief marriage to Getty Lee ( it was a spiritual/platonic thing, like Erykah and Common) and/or what you may have read in the downstairs men's room at North Six!)

PS. They changed my answer. I said Cam'ron is "sexist", they changed it to "Cam'ron is sexy". Lanky dudes in flowing robe style track suits with casj choruses pimping rape chic and slangin' yay, despite how much patriarchal hate I have internalized, does not do it for me in 2005. Plus "sexy" is my third least favorite word behind "panties" and "plethora" and I would never use it.

Secondly, the hardest I laughed all day, save for Jazzbo's oh-no-he-didn't jokes about Spin editorial, was Teeter's reviews of falafel stands in NYC and Brooklyn which from the outset, sounds like as tired blog fodder than breakups/80's TV nostalgia, but you will laugh out loud to the point where everyone around will ask you " what's so funny?" -- I bet you a qaurter.

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