May 12, 2005


I leave Chicago, and then upon my arrival, here in my moms kitchen in MN, I find out that tomorrow, in Chi-Boogie, ANTENA are playing at Hothouse. Antena issued a mere, like, 13 songs, ever, back in about 1980 on Crepuscle ( I think), which was like a farm team singles off-shoot of Factory. Antena, I think, were a four pc from Belgium, all ladies. ( I am sure roughly 54 nerd dudes are going to write in and really school me on the wrong facts I got, in advance: thanks but no thanks, save it for ILM) They are like Stereolab minus all that cutey-cute "j'taime" shit -- more like riviera as ghost town. More click-click coo, inversion and hush rather than synthy time for the perc-u-lator. If you are in Chicago and you are in Chicago tomorrow, Friday. Go. Go and tell me all about it.
The reissue is available on Numbero Group GET THAT TOO>,

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