May 11, 2005


Minneapolis people! I know you read this blog. I know because at 4:47 am when I still cannot fall asleep and am rumaging through the yard maze of sitemeter's traffic copter, I wonder "Are these Minneapolis people reading the blog - do I know them? Did we go to shows together in 1993? Are they friend or foe?" Anyhow, Minneapolis people, be you friend or frienemy, I wanna share this: tomorrow at 9 pm CST, at the Walker Art Center, Miranda July's trrrfffc movie, Me You and Everyone We Know, is playing. I bought three tickets for it, so I can bring my mom and famous internet sexpert, Britt Barton Lindsay, on a date to see some life enriching cinema. I hope to see you there to, even if all our talks are like awkward babies crawling towards perilous ledges, or I hit you with a lunchbox in the pit of a Jesus Lizard show once. Tickets are only 8$, and after you see it, it will seem like the deal of a lifetime. If you are on the fence, you can watch the trailer here .

In other reading: On Miranda's movie tour blog, is a guest blog from the 2nd grader boy, Brandon who is one of the young stars of the movie.

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