May 09, 2005

Squeek Squeek vs. the homerun kind

Today was my first bout with investigative reporting. Actually, it's more like fact-checking, and since what I write is generally 94% blaring opinion, facts rarely come into play. But at the Reader, editorial is serious... when you say something is a polka-beat, you have to play it over the phone and prove it's a polka beat. Or when you hear some conjecture on the back of a golf cart in Indio, about Bauhaus's thwarted plans to release bats during their set at Coachella...

Me: I am trying to find out if it's true that Indio City Council prevented an act at Coachella from releasing 50 bats during their performance by altering an ordinance that bars the release of birds at night, by broadening the definition of "birds" to also include "bats".
Mark, liason for city of Indio, CA: You mean bats like "sqweek sqweek" or do you meaning bats as in the homerun kind.
Me: Bats as in "sqweek sqweek".
Mark: No. City Council has not altered any bird releasing or bat-related ordinances and I am not aware of any formal petition. I never heard anything about it. Sorry, you might want to try the Indio PD public relations office.

Me:... I am trying to confirm whether or not a bat release during a headlining band's performance at Coachella was or was not thwarted by officials.
Ben, PD PR : I never heard anything about any bats getting let go. Nope. No bats... Though, I know at the end of thier show Nine Inch Nails band members threw their instruments in the air. Does that help you?

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