April 29, 2005


The lovely Sara Jaffe wrote to say, re: Vitapup: Vitapup were the first band I went to see every show of, Ray aka Raphael Heatley went to my high school, I didn't know him so well but I knew his brothers, he was on the swim team w/ me and used to sit in the front seat by himself and read books. My friend Malini (the only other semi-punk kid in the school) and I were super fans, trekking our geeked out selves to nyc and hoboken whenever we could. Ah, Vitapup. This is as far as I can tell of what Ray's up to now...
One of the best shows was when they were supposed to play w/ Excuse 17 at Under Acme and had been told it was going to be all ages but then it wasn't, so they moved the whole show to a friend's recording studio nearby, trailing fervent riot grrrls and boys behind them."

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