April 29, 2005


I think this could stand to be about 1400 words longer and 11 times meaner, given CO's ballsdeep press kit status. (Thanks to Claire O Connor for the link.)

"I wasn't very suave when I was way younger, but by the time I got to be 18, that was when I realized there were girls all over the place who I'd like to make out with. Pretty girls are cool. I'll keep [dating older women] until I get old and then flip it around. I've never dated an 18-year-old girl. I wanna try it." -- Conor Oberst to Rolling Stone

" I wish that I'd known when I was younger that dating older men does not mean you are hot shit . It means you are a dating a dude that cannot get women his own age, and that those women are avoiding him for good reasons." - Reader advice to teenage girls, from this week's Savage Love

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