April 28, 2005


Got a lot of mail about this today: 200 posts on the vivalavinyl mssg boards about whether or not emo is sexist, whether feminists have a point, and whether or not I am a legitimate journalist. PS> James Squeaky, you know me, why you pretending like you do not know me. We went to Josh's wedding together, what 2 years ago? PS. Don't snap on me -- I have yr home address.

Also, note that six years later, kids are talking about the Locust roundtable and misquoting me as Teeter. Still. And all of them still mention it is meaningless and stupid and retarded. Six years later. Poor The Locust. People are still asking them about it. People are still freaking out about it. If it's so dumb, why is it such a super debated point? For the extremo record, lets make sure: I never said that The Locust made it hard for fat kids in hardcore (I referenced that someone else had said that), I just alleged that I thought they were one of the worst bands going. Huge difference. Fat people in hardcore = awesome, The Locust = still not awesome.

Also, note, on the message board the ways the boys debate and debunk the girls speaking from personal experience " hey, you know what, I totally identify" or when Katy Otto, who makes DC run, who's been doing zines, shows, ladyfests, hardcore etc for years says " you know what else sucks? getting interrogated about how your band got on a show/how you got on a guest list with the insinuation being who did you sleep with. "

Also, note, ladies of message board land and punk gutters, I love you and I got yr backs. Dudes, radical feminism can liberate you too.

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