April 27, 2005


Julianne and I were having our usual evening check in - we talk about three times a day, us two - and as usual, our topic turned to "So I guess since all of our friends and helpers are flaking on making the new Hit it or Quit it, we will have to do the firebreathing on our own..." - which makes me feel like the bitter chicken in the parable/fable* who cannot get anyone else in the barnyard to help make the bread, but they all wanna eat it. The only people I take excuses for is anyone writing for us who has kids. Everyone else: You had five months, so sorry excuses and sorry copy is, in essence, like handing me and J Shep (you know, yr cheerleaders and fans) a post it note written in feces that says "Fuck Yr Magazine". To those people, you know who you are, and I know you read this blog, I tell you this -- our friend Matos, who has a real job editing a paper, and has a off hours assignment from god that has to do with making really serious lists and ILM posts, brother-saviour managed to turn around a 10,271 word transcription of a Q and A with Craig from Hold Steady in under 2 weeks . So, seriously, lets hustle. A game only , people, don't step to HIOQI with yr sad face emoticon and yr dirty diapers. HIOQI is accepting applications for full-time fire only.

(Perhaps the best chicken fable of all time is this one , which is about animals dating, and was written by a sage sixth grader in Manitoba.)

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