April 26, 2005


I'm work-stranded with a hustle of 5 hours of raw sleep, was up til almost daylight sitting on the edge of an 'otel bed staring at Chicago's skyline from the 8th floor beltway, watching no traffic and having deep discourse on backstage power dynamics, the not-groupie-groupie phenom, the patriarchy and how fuck me feminism re-enforces male suffering. I wrote hard about it yesterday, for posting on this here U of JHo Unicorne Horne student circular, but now I gotta tear my thesis apart a little in light of new info, in light of a night of the Empty Bottle's cellar green room. Hussy-tuffies on an experience hunt versus internalized patriarchal beatdown? Or is it "Ballad of Dorothy Parker" versus "I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man"? We may never know the(ir) real.

In the meantime, while you hold yr breath waiting for that essaytorial screed to shit itself out, you can (re)experience my EMP paper, streaming, here , courtesy Seattle public access (sp?). You can watch me talk like my mother speaks and laugh at my own jokes while dressed like Orville Reddenbacher.

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