April 23, 2005


An interview, an overview and plenty of film still from Miranda July's movie here . It is screening in Portland this Sunday, and not like the whole town will not be there lined up and camping out like Star Wars nerds, already, but totes go. I hope this movie and Miranda July explodes like the Big Bang, because she and her movie and her art ideas are a. fun and b. capable of forming new galaxies of thought and c. she inspires me at least 6 times a month.

Local to Chi-boogie hirsute geniuses Catfish Haven posted some new songs furr the downloadin', which are good, though not as good as the rest of the EP I heard thats coming out, which includes George breaking down in real C&W fashion and going "Woman!? Tell me.... Have I ever made you cry?!" like he needs an answer - he's not just goofin rhetorical. It's kinda "oh snap - he's gotcha on that one" and it's also like "Woman?! Who do they think they are The Grass Roots?!". Then another song that is basically an answer song to Dusty Springfield's "Just a Little Lovin" or maybe a beggy verj of Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight", it's kind of a broken man/come to jesus moment/dick in hand/i'll love you forever and i'll fuck you all day if you just take me back. I mean, I might be off base, but that's what I heard.

Also, in case I forgot to tell you - Manhunter are opening for Q and Not U, and you need to see thier wild duoelectroblitztasticness right now. they got a 12" coming on Ghostly and are in the next ish of ye olde Hit it or Quit raunchy jokes almanac that comes out in June. Plus, when you go see Q and not U now, you can do so w/out contributing dollars to Carlos D's nazi-garb habit.

(PS. what the fuck is up with dude wearing empty gun holsters as non-fashion non statement? Is that casual anti-militarism or is that pimped controversy or is it just soemthing he thought might be "cute"?) PPS. Double what the fuck is up with My Chemical Romance wearing kevlar vests on stage as "statement" ? Statement about what --- about the war?! About the hate on the internet?! To acknowledge that their male privaledge right, their whiteskinned exemptions and the massive cash pile they made on Taste of Chaos Warped merchandising make them "bulletproof"? and PPPS> How much would you pay to have the footage of that band meeting " Ok, guys, I have this great idea. I know you might be thinking it's outlandish, but really, just hear me out...")

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