April 22, 2005


Perhaps, due to my lack of college education, I had to look up what "gadfly" meant - am hoping he meant it as def. 2: persistant aggitator - which is the nicer vers. of def #1 which was a bit more direct - "annoying".

I have too many stories to share. The summary is: everything blew up yesterday: Computer. Cell Phone. Internet - no access to any of them for 24 whole hours. It was like the nineties. I had to use a land line. It was bizerk. I then spent all the dollars I have on a new laptop, and as a result am poorer than poorthousand, but am feeling very greasy new century, as the new lap top plays DVDs . My old laptop only had the VCR function.

Drove to Milwaukee to interview Juiceboxxx at a resturant which was about two stratas down from a bus station diner. Had to pause mid-intvw to watch a sunburned man and the sunburned hand of the man , a man who previously had done little else but pull sips from a king kan of Milwaukee's Best ( oh, the irony!) , snort and spin on his diner-seat-stool -- he walked over to a non chalant single mama in the booth next to us and delighted the mama and her 14 month old daughter by producing, from pockets which seemed to only hold cheap vice -- a bunch of new looking gold jewelry. Jewelry, which after offering up a solicitous "may I?" and began draping both mother and baby in bracelets and necklaces . Also, 10 feet in either direction of the table where Juice and I were, we were bracketed by very freaked out dudes who were content to stare, unmoving, at us the entire 45 minutes. Also, there were 11 other people in the resturant, and aside from the waitress/chef/cashier lady, we were the only people talking. Everyone else just smoked Pall Malls and stared at us, enjoying, perhaps through a deep Thorazine haze, the discussion of what young Juice plans to do once he graduates from college. It was Juice's first interview, and he got nervous and developed what looked like hives while we were talking, though it could have just been the the "Chicken-flavored noodle soup" he ordered, which was biotoxin green. I hope this story comes out dece, as I have driven about 800 miles r/t to witness Juiceboxx's magic, though half those killos are due to the fact that last time Miles and I went to Get Wacky danceparty, I accidentally drove us 170 miles out of way, and went to like Knuck If You Wukeenega, WI. instead. I was fucked up on Krispy Kremes, we were listening to Billy Squire super loud and doing 90 on county roads, it was easy to forget I was trying to get us somewhere...

Saw Ulrich Schnauss and M83 lassnite. Ulrich looked the part. Is that his nom de laptop, or is that his humanperson name? Either way, it suits his "unwinding" Windham Hill steez. Speaking as someone in a laptop band, nothing sounds so ass as compressed mp3 files at decimating volume. M83, should be glad I reviewed their record , rather than their live show. One song and I was totesbag. I opted for biking home in the rain as french dudes making vaginal-birth faces, triggered drums and the frantic "wall of sound" being about as loud as someone humping a pillow is not even a deal, for free, on a Thursday.

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